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LightPointe’s 4th Generation Gigabit Capacity Wireless Bridges see Growth in Security and Camera Backhaul Market

Company partners with camera manufacturers for simultaneous low latency backhaul and LAN extension

Las Vegas NV ISC-West Show and San Diego, CA - April 10, 2013: LightPointe, the number one manufacturer of hybrid all-weather backhaul radios with integrated FSO technology and a leader in 60 and 80 GHz millimeter wave e-band radios, reported that sales of its 4thgeneration laser bridges have increased 30% in the enterprise and security camera backhaul sectors. LightPointe’s Gigabit capacity AireLite G and HyBridge SXR-5 enable lolatency camera backhaul and PTZ operation while also offering customers the ability to extend their Ethernet Local Area Network to a remote building or site. LightPointe has recently struck technology partnerships with security and government product manufacturers and resellers, and currently has a Camera Backhaul Application paper available illustrating the backhaul of high resolution surveillance cameras combined with LAN extension. LightPointe’s announcement was made at the International Security Conference & Exhibition (ISC-WEST) in Las Vegas.


“Since 1998, LightPointe’s backhaul solutions have been deployed in many security and surveillance applications with Federal, State and Local government agencies, including installations with the U.S. Navy, Marine Corp, Army, Coast Guard and Air Force,” said John Taylor, vice president of sales for LightPointe. “In the past, government agencies have driven much of the demand for the type of highly secure wireless bridges LightPointe manufactures. Recently, however, we’ve seen growth driven by the enterprise sector, since our Free Space Optics bridges have come down in price and yet provide superior signal security and capacity than competing RF bridges. An optical bridge is immune to eavesdropping, radio interference, RF congestion, and doesn’t require spectrum licensing. Best of all, customers can deploy an optical bridge to provide low latency camera backhaul and PTZ control while simultaneously extending their LAN to a remote building.”


LightPointe’s camera backhaul and LAN extension bridges provide many benefits including:

    • Easy to install, and ability to deploy more cameras: No trenching and no rights-of-way issues—while providing “fat broadband pipe” for multiple HD cameras.
    • Fast installation: No delays in providing video security and network access to remote building.
    • Lower costs: No recurring monthly lease-line costs. No trenching and cabling/fiber costs.
    • License-free (no regulatory start-up or recurring fees).
    • High security: Wireless laser transmission cannot be successfully intercepted (no eavesdropping), making it perfect for security applications.
    • The Enterprise owns/controls their data/camera feeds (no sharing).
    • Immunity to radio frequency issues: Optics technology is immune to RF congestion and RF interference—and doesn’t require RF licensing.
    • Lowest latency possible of any wired or wireless technology, for speed-of-light transmission of security video and PTZ commands.


LightPointe has an application tips/paper available on its website, which illustrates the backhaul of Axis Communications cameras combined with LAN extension.


About LightPointe Communications, Inc.

LightPointe ( is a San Diego-based manufacturer of wireless Gigabit capacity bridges for enterprise and 4G/LTE carrier markets, including small cell backhaul. Its AirePointe division ( also delivers wireless solutions to thgovernment sector and security industry. The company is privately held, owned by employees and the acclaimed Berg and Berg Enterprises of Silicon Valley. LightPointe was recently acknowledged by EE Times magazine when it named Dr. Heinz Willebrand to thlist “Forty innovators building the foundation of the next-gen electronics industry.” All trademarks/company names are property of their respective organizations.


T. Easterling, LightPointe


November 13, 2012 07:00 ET

LightPointe Takes Industry Leadership Position With World's Fastest, Lowest Latency Point-to-Point Wireless Bridges, the New Aire X-Stream Series

SAN DIEGO, CA and NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Nov 13, 2012) - LightPointe, the number one manufacturer of point-to-point Gigabit capacity FSO wireless bridges since 1998, and innovator in 60 and 80 GHz backhaul radios used by 4G carriers and enterprises, announced the introduction of a new line of ultra-fast, extreme low latency point-to-point radios and Free Space Optics wireless bridges. The Aire X-Stream Series includes the world's fastest wireless bridges -- faster than any existing backhaul radio or Free Space Optics data bridge. With equipment latency of less than 10 nanoseconds, a data transmission from an Aire X-Stream Series wireless bridge can even outrun a fiber optics transmission after just ten meters. Since the Aire X-Stream bridges can transmit up to several miles, the increase in performance over fiber and competing radios is significant. LightPointe has already sold and successfully deployed Aire X-Stream bridges into speed-sensitive applications, such as High Frequency Trading (HFT) for Wall Street.

"Our new Aire X-Stream Series offers the lowest latency solutions in the industry, hundreds of times faster than competing solutions offered by other radio vendors," said Dr. Heinz Willebrand, president and CEO of LightPointe and former Chief Technology Officer since the company's inception in 1998. "The Aire X-Stream Series is the culmination of over fourteen years of wireless bridge development at LightPointe and features the broadest line of high speed, low latency solutions available. We've reduced terminal latency down to an astonishingly low 10 nanoseconds or less. That's nano-seconds, not microseconds as competing systems are measured by. Increasingly, our customers are demanding the absolute minimum delay possible in transmitting their data from point A to point B, whether they are a service provider looking at ultra-low latency and transparent Sync-E, IEEE 1588 Ethernet clock distribution support, or a company involved in High Frequency Trading of stocks. The Aire X-Stream Series includes unlicensed 60 GHz radios for shorter distance small cell backhaul, 70/80 GHz for longer range point-to-point connectivity in the protected "light license" band, and a 4th generation unlicensed Free Space Optics bridge with the industry's only four-laser beam, auto-tracking system. Whether the customer chooses radio frequency technology, or highly secure optical transmission, LightPointe's Aire X-Stream Series provides one-stop shopping for any organization looking for the absolute fastest, lowest latency point-to-point connectivity, and up to 2.5 Gigabits per second."

LightPointe is unique in the wireless industry in that the company manufactures both radio frequency and optical/laser bridges, each of which has its advantages in different deployment scenarios. For example, Free Space Optics systems, which use one or more laser beams to transmit data from one point to another, are often deployed in networks where the security and integrity of the signal is critical, such as in private networks where companies or government agencies do not want their data to be transmitted with other data.

LightPointe's wireless bridges, such as the new Aire X-Stream Series, are designed to help eliminate the possibility of eavesdropping and cyber-attacks, since they provide true point-to-point data transmission, rather than having a signal traverse a random labyrinth of fiber optics and copper cables, routers and other computers. In fact, many of LightPointe'swireless bridges are virtually impossible to physically intercept, and can be used with all forms of network data encryption.

LightPointe's sales have taken off this year, largely due to companies and organizations wanting to own and control their own campus networks (CAN), thus removing sensitive data transmissions from outside and third party providers. This is especially important in mission critical applications such as the military, homeland security, financial sector and for utility companies whose networks can be vulnerable. In addition to security concerns, organizations have turned to Free Space Optics wireless bridges and millimeter wave backhaul radios because of their "pencil beam" transmission capability, which delivers a signal precisely and avoids spectrum availability issues.

"We are seeing increased interest in the point-to-point wireless market, and customers are choosing both radio frequency technology and optical transmission technology depending on the application, installation location, regulatory environment, security needs and performance requirements," continued Heinz Willebrand. "Our sales are up dramatically this year, largely due to demand for low latency wireless bridges, including our new Aire X-Stream X80-2.5G model, a 70/80 GHz e-band system which includes two radios coupled to one antenna. The system has been well-received by companies deploying High Frequency Trading networks. Since landlords leasing installation sites and towers often charge by the antenna -- and LightPointe can connect two 1.25 Gbps radios to one antenna -- the deployment and recurring costs are lower with LightPointe's solution. With the lowest latency 60 and 80 GHz radios in the industry, and lowest latency Free Space Optics system on the market, we now have the best portfolio of ultra-fast, highly secure wireless backhaul solutions available."

About LightPointe Communications, Inc.
LightPointe is a San Diego-based manufacturer of wireless Gigabit capacity bridges for enterprise and 4G/LTE carrier markets, including small cell backhaul. Its AirePointe division ( also delivers wireless solutions to the government sector and security industry. LightPointe is majority owned by Berg & Berg Enterprises, LLC, the US$550,000,000 private venture arm of a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who is consistently listed on the Forbes list of billionaires. The company's interests include Mission West Properties (NASDAQ) and over 100 investments in chip, software and technology companies including Amdahl, Sun Microsystems and Integrated Device Technologies.

World’s Lowest Priced Gigabit Capacity Wireless Bridge, with 99.999% Availability at a $9,999.90 price point, is featured in LightPointe’s “Five 9’s for Five 9’s” Promotion

San Diego, California, USA and Berlin, Germany July 5, 2012: LightPointe, the number one manufacturer of point-to-point Gigabit capacity FSO wireless bridges, and the leader in low latency 60 GHz small cell and 80 GHz backhaul radios used for broadband transmission, announced a special promotion for July featuring its HyBridge™ SXR-5 wireless bridge. The HyBridge outdoor broadband data bridge is the world’s lowest priced Gigabit Ethernet link capable of “five nines” link availability (99.999%) and is specially priced this month at US$9,999.90 MSRP.

“The HyBridge SXR-5 provides enterprise, government and 4G/LTE telecom carriers with an affordable outdoor wireless bridge solution for applications such as point to point building connectivity, 4G/LTE small cell backhaul and security camera backhaul,” said John Taylor, Vice President of Sales for LightPointe. “OurFive 9’s for Five 9’s promotion this month enables our valued distributors and resellers to stock up on the HyBridge for just US$9,999.90, which is thousands less than competing alternative links which utilize only radio frequency or FSO transmission. The design of HyBridge wireless bridges goes beyond traditional outdoor radios by employing a patented combination of 4th. generation 850 nm wavelength Free Space Optics ‘green technology’ and RF technology. In more than 99% of operating conditions the bridges rely on advanced laser transmission, which is faster than fiber, highly secure, license free, and immune to RF interference and congestion issues. Yet the system can automatically switch to RF transmission if conditions warrant, which is typically less than 1% of the time. The switching is completely transparent and automatic, and provides a built-in backup for the link, giving IT managers and network planners the added piece of mind of constant failsafe connectivity. Whether connecting two buildings in a school or business campus setting, or deploying hundreds of LTE small cells in an urban environment, nothing on the market today beats the ROI of the HyBridge Gigabit Ethernet bridge.”

The HyBridge SXR-5 was designed at LightPointe’s R&D center in San Diego, California, where it is also manufactured. The company has deployed wireless bridges in over 14,000 sites around the world.

Features of the HyBridge wireless bridge include:

    • High  speed  full-duplex  Gigabit  wireless connectivity  for  highly secure,  reliable  transmission up to 1,100 meters at 3 dB/km or 850 meters at 17 dB/km.

    • Exclusive patented DualPath™ architecture for up to 99.999% network availability, even in dense fog and heavy snow.

    • Enhanced link distances due to use of optical wireless and RF. The Maximized Distance DualPath™ feature enables longer distances due to rate adaptive use of multiple bands.

    • Ability to add the HyBridge unit to existing legacy wireless bridge installations, thus protecting the customer’s investment in their current slower data bridge while upgrading to Gigabit Ethernet.

    • AirePex™ Intelligent Switching (patented) includes an algorithm to change between optical and RF transmission, preventing unnecessary switching.

    • Intuitive AireManager™ Web interface allows links to be configured and monitored from a network computer.

    • SNMPV1/2c support and alarm reports via SNMP traps.

    • Standard 1000 RJ 45 (copper) data interface with optional SFP 1000Base SX/LX (fiber) data interface.

    • Utilization of advanced 4th generation optical transmission technology operating at the 850 nm wavelength, providing better operating performance, excellent range and ‘green’ technology benefits. These lasers use approximately ten times less power than previous-generation 1550 nm wavelength systems, which makes them run much cooler and enhances reliability and product lifespan.

    • High-precision, superior quality German optical lenses.

    • Includes a radio which uses flexible 5.4/5.8 GHz frequencies  for  widespread unlicensed usage,  and  worldwide  license-free  optical free space spectrum.

    • Superior  RF  technology  via  both  OFDM  and  4 antenna/2x2 MIMO technology, for higher data rates and lower  interference in congested areas.

    • Superior QoS due  to Ethernet Port Flow  Control  and intelligent packet queuing, providing priority to voice/video traffic when switching to alternative RF path.

    • Channel Shifting operates at frequencies different from those used in unlicensed 802.11 networks, for increased security. Links are undetectable by most 5 GHz devices.

    • AES 256 RF encryption for optimum security.


The HyBridge SXR-5 is available through LightPointe’s network of authorized channel partners and through the company’s AirePointe Security & Government Solutions Division partners. LightPointe has deployed thousands of wireless bridges worldwide including the United States, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Australia, China, the United Kingdom, Brazil and certain countries in Africa and the Middle East.


About LightPointe Communications, Inc.

LightPointe Communications, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of wireless Gigabit Ethernet bridges for telecom carrier and enterprise applications, with over 14,000 sites installed since 1998. The company offers the broadest range of 60 and 70/80 GHz backhaul solutions, Free Space Optics wireless bridges and hybrid optical-radios. LightPointe’s AirePointe Security and Government Solutions Division is a provider outdoor Gigabit Ethernet products to military, municipality, state and federal agencies worldwide (camera backhaul, transportation monitoring, government wireless solutions).

T. Easterling, Easterling Group – Global Marketing & Strategy 

LightPointe and GCI Science & Technology Sign Multi-Million Dollar Agreement to Pursue Huge China Market for Wireless Backhaul Solutions

Initial wireless bridge sales commitments already hit US$1 million mark, as two companies exhibit at PT/EXPO COMM China

BEIJING, CHINA and SAN DIEGO, USA -- (September 18, 2012): LightPointe, the number one manufacturer of point-to-point Gigabit capacity FSO wireless bridges, and the leader in low latency 60 GHz small cell and 80 GHz backhaul radios used for broadband transmission, announced that it has signed an agreement with GCI Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen stock exchange 002544: CH), which was formerly known as the civil communication division of the 7th Research Institute of China Ministry of Information Industry. The announcement of the venture coincides with the PT/EXPO COMM China 2012 tradeshow in Beijing, China, which runs from September 18th through 22nd. Under terms of the agreement, GCI has committed to purchase and distribute LightPointe’s 4th generation Free Space Optics wireless bridges and millimeter wave e-band 4G/LTE backhaul radios in China.

“We are excited that a major public corporation in China, recognized as one of the leaders in CDMA and GSM mobile telecom products and services, has selected LightPointe technology for roll out to key enterprise and 4G carrier customers,” said Heinz Willebrand, president & CEO for LightPointe. “With a market cap of over CNY$2 billion, experience in telecom manufacturing, system engineering, distribution, and broadband network deployment, GCI is well positioned in China and already has key relationships with such leading companies as China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom. China’s huge population, which includes over one billion mobile subscribers, presents a challenge to broadband infrastructure providers and a tremendous opportunity for companies such as GCI to provide world-class products and deployment services. With sales commitments already reaching the million dollar level, I’m confident that LightPointe and GCI will enjoy a long and mutually beneficial strategic relationship in China.”

“GCI Science & Technology is dedicated to providing telecom carriers and businesses the state-of-the-art in information technology, as well as excellent installation and support services through our network of offices located throughout China,” said Mr. Qiyue He, president of GCI. “After a thorough review of available wireless backhaul technology partners, and numerous meetings with both Free Space Optics and millimeter wave companies in the United States, we chose LightPointe due to their broad range of point-to-point wireless bridges, their performance and feature advantages, quality U.S. and Germany components, and leadership position in many parts of the world. GCI’s excellent regional presence and successful record of 3G and 4G network products and services―combined with LightPointe’s unsurpassed range of wireless Gigabit capacity bridges―will provide improved broadband infrastructure for carriers, and enhanced connectivity for the people of China.”

LightPointe, which is headquartered in San Diego, California, is the only manufacturer in the world producing all three of the leading wireless bridge technologies, including Free Space Optics bridges, 60/70/80 GHz backhaul solutions and industry-exclusive and patented hybrid optical-radios, which combine the advantages of laser transmission with RF backup for up to 99.999% reliability. The company’s point-to-point solutions are designed for enterprise building connectivity and for 4G/LTE carriers in their small cell backhaul infrastructure. LightPointe’s optical laser bridges utilize fourth generation 850 nm wavelength technology, which operates much cooler, lasts longer, uses less energy and provides better performance than first generation 1550 nm laser bridges. LightPointe’s wireless FSO bridges also provide the lowest latency Gigabit capacity transmission of any wired or wireless products on the market―at less than 20 nanoseconds equipment latency, which is better than fiber optics.

“Wireless backhaul equipment manufacturers and system integrators are well positioned to help carriers enhance their network infrastructure,” said Adlane Fellah, CEO & founder of Maravedis Research. “The point-to-point backhaul market should hit $7 billion within the next five years, riding the wave of small cell build-outs and migration to Ethernet/IP.”

At PT/EXPO COMM China, GCI and LightPointe are exhibiting in booth 6010. PT/EXPO COMM, also known as the China International Exhibition, is Asia’s largest communications tradeshow. EXPO COMM also has shows in Russia, Korea, Mexico, Japan and Italy.

About LightPointe Communications, Inc.
LightPointe is a San Diego-based manufacturer of wireless Gigabit capacity bridges for enterprise and 4G/LTE carrier markets, including small cell backhaul. Its AirePointe division ( also delivers wireless solutions to the government sector and security industry. LightPointe is majority owned by Berg & Berg Enterprises, LLC, the US$550,000,000 private venture arm of a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who is consistently listed on the Forbes list of billionaires. The company’s interests include Mission West Properties (NASDAQ) and over 100 investments in chip, software and technology companies including Amdahl, Sun Microsystems and Integrated Device Technologies.

About GCI Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
GCI, which was founded in 2000, is a leading manufacturer and integrator of telecommunications and electronics products including GSM/CDMA repeaters, SCADA equipment, antennas, PCBs, WLAN products, ADSL modems, video displays and telemetry devices. In addition to providing such hardware solutions, GCI also provides services in the areas of software systems, automation, billing management, public security/safety systems, repeater network management, and communication network design, engineering and construction. The company is headquartered at the Guangzhou Communication Institute.
Easterling Group Marketing & Corporate Development



中国北京,美国圣地亚哥 - (2012年9月18日):点到点千兆位容量FSO无线网桥的头号制造商,以及低延迟60 GHz和80 GHz骨干无线宽带传输的领先制造商LightPointe公司宣布,它已经广州杰赛科技股份有限公司(深交所股票代码002544 CH),前身为中国信息产业部第七研究所民用通信部,签署了一份协议。暨2012年9月18日至22日在北京举行的中国国际信息通信展览会之机,谨向各方宣布广州杰赛科技股份有限公司承诺购买以及在中国销售LightPointe公司的第四代FSO产品以及E-波段4G/LTE毫米波产品。


LightPointe的总裁Heinz Willebrand博士说:“我们非常高兴地看到一家中国优秀的、致力于CDMA和GSM移动通信产品和服务领域的公司选择了我们的产品,并推荐至其重要客户及4G运营商客户中。”他补充:“在这个领域,中国拥有超过20亿的市场潜力,广州杰赛科技股份有限公司,以其在系统工程、分销和宽带网络部署方面的丰富经验,以及和三大运营商之间的良好关系,势必拥有良好的发展势头并站在有利的位置。中国拥有庞大的人口基础,其中包括超过十亿的移动用户,这为像杰赛公司那样的提供宽带基础设施建设的公司提供了一个极大的机遇,为中国市场提供世界级高水准的产品以及部署服务。暨协议签订,杰赛科技股份有限公司已经承诺销售超过一百万美元我司产品,我相信,LightPointe公司将与广州杰赛科技股份有限公司在未来共同开拓中国市场,并建立长期和互利的战略合作伙伴关系。




LightPointe公司,总部位于美国加州圣地亚哥,是世界上唯一一家生产三大无线网桥产品的公司,包括FSO无线网桥,60/70/80 GHz回程传输解决方案,以及独家提供的光-无线电混合产品,其结合了光通信的优势以及无线电传输的稳定性,达到了99.999%的传输可靠水平。公司的点对点解决方案面对的是需要建立通信连接的企业用户以及4G/LTE小型蜂窝回程传输的运营商。LightPointe公司的光通信产品是基于第四代850纳米波长技术,相比于第一代1550纳米波长技术,其提供了更加低的工作温度、更长的寿命、更低的能耗水平、更好的传输水平。LightPointe公司的无线FSO网桥在市场上的千兆级有线以及无线传输产品中是最快的,设备延迟少于20纳秒,比光纤传输更低。




关于 LightPointe Communications, Inc.

LightPointe公司总部设在圣地亚哥,是一家为企业以及4G/LTE运营商提供千兆级无线网桥的生产商,包括小型蜂窝骨干传输通信设备。它的分公司AirePointe,为证券市场以及政府提供安全的无线通信解决方案。LightPointe公司的大多数股权由Berg & Berg Enterprises, LLC所持有,公司的持有人拥有一个高达5.5亿美金的针对硅谷企业的私人投资基金,长期在福布斯排行榜有一席之位。这家公司主要拥有Mission West Properties(NASDAQ上市公司)以及100多个针对芯片、软件或者高科技公司的投资,主要包括:Amdahl, Sun Microsystems and Integrated Device Technologies.



杰赛科技,成立于2000年,是中国国内一个领先制造商和集成商,一直致力于提供电信和电子产品,包括GSM / CDMA直放站,SCADA设备,天线,印刷电路板,WLAN,ADSL调制解调器,视频显示和遥测设备。除了上述产品,杰赛科技在软件系统,自动化,计费管理,公安/安全系统,直放站网络管理,网络和通信网络设计,工程设计和建设上也提供服务。杰赛科技总部位于广州通信研究所。网址

Mr. Qiyue He, President of GCI and Dr. Heinz Willebrand, President and CEO of LightPointe, after signing agreement to jointly pursue wireless bridge market in China

LightPointe targets India wireless backhaul market, as 4G solutions are discussed at Mobile Backhaul 2012 convention in New Delhi


NEW DELHI, INDIA and SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- (August 24, 2012):LightPointe Communications, Inc., the number one manufacturer of point-to-point Gigabit capacity FSO wireless bridges, and the leader in low latency 60 GHz small cell and 80 GHz backhaul radios used for broadband transmission, announced that the company is enhancing its distribution channel in India. LightPointe, which has focused much of its channel development activities on North America and Europe, is interested in providing its Free Space Optics and millimeter wave 4G/LTE radios to more Indian telecom carriers and enterprises, with emphasis on the cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Surat, Pune and Jaipur. The announcement coincided with the Mobile Backhaul India 2012conference held in New Delhi August 24th.


“With more than a sixth of the world’s population and a need to connect over a billion people, India represents a huge market for wireless backhaul solutions,” said John Taylor, vice president of sales for LightPointe. “At the same time, India presents a challenge to most companies headquartered in the Unites States, due to import and distribution issues. Although LightPointe has made significant sales to India since its founding, it is clear that we need to enhance our distributor, reseller and integrator partnerships in the country in order to take sales to the next level. There are opportunities now which simply weren’t there five or ten years ago. India’s population, of which over 50% is under 25, is driving the country’s thirst for cellphones and internet access. At the same time, LightPointe’s backhaul technologies have advanced while also becoming more affordable, with wireless gigabit bridges starting at less than US$10,000 MSRP. Our solutions have proven popular because an organization can easily afford their own backhaul solution, and avoid paying high recurring monthly fees to leased fiber-line or leased wireless hardware providers. This confluence of increased demand, and a broader range of more affordable wireless infrastructure options, has prompted us to enhance our sales channel in India, and we encourage experienced wireless distributors to contact us for more information.”


LightPointe, which is the only manufacturer designing and producing all three of the leading wireless bridge technologies, has seen demand for its products increase to historic levels the past year and a half. July revenues were up over 180%, compared to last year. LightPointe attributes its to new products introduced the past year, including 60 GHz and 80 GHz 4G/LTE radios, and to enhanced marketing and channel partner support worldwide. Demand from enterprise customers upgrading to Gigabit capacity, and from telecom carriers deploying LTE small cell backhaul infrastructure, are also fueling growth. In addition, LightPointe’s Free Space Optics and MMW bridges provide extremely fast, low latency transmission, faster than fiber optics and faster than all other wired or wireless technologies.


In addition to enterprise customers in India, such as hospitals, businesses and schools, LightPointe is targeting leading mobile and internet service providers such as Airtel, Vodafone India, Reliance Communications, Idea, BSNL, Tata DoCoMo, Aircel, Uninor, MTS, Sky Broadband, Tata Indicom and Airmesh.


About LightPointe

LightPointe Communications, Inc. is a San Diego-based manufacturer of wireless Gigabit capacity bridges for enterprise and 4G/LTE carrier markets, including small cell backhaul. Its AirePointe division ( also delivers wireless solutions to the government sector and security industry. All trademarks are the property of their respective organization.


LightPointe Honors Dr. Erhard Kube, World Acclaimed Innovator in Optical Wireless Transmission, on his 80th Birthday

Company celebrates event with special promotion for June, highlighting the contributions of “the Father of Optical Wireless Transmission”

San Diego, California and Dresden, Germany (June 6, 2012) – LightPointe, the number one manufacturer of point-to-point Gigabit capacity wireless FSO bridges, and a world leader in 60 GHz small cell and 80 GHz backhaul radios used for broadband transmission, is honoring the achievements of its Chief Scientist, Dr. Erhard Kube, on his 80th birthday. Dr. Kube, who is regarded as the “Father of Optical Wireless Transmission Technology,” dedicated his career to optical communications technology and data transmission innovation. His study of the transmission of light through the atmosphere led to today’s 4th generation Free Space Optics wireless bridges which are the fastest point-to-point data transmission technology, provide up to 99.999% availability, and enable laser-precise secure delivery of data. He has served as the Chief Scientist for LightPointe since its founding in 1998. The company is highlighting and celebrating Dr. Kube’s contributions with a special promotion for June on optical transmission bridges.


“As Dr. Kube celebrates his 80th birthday this month, and during an especially exciting time of growth for us with revenues up 42% this year, it reminds all of us at LightPointe of his contributions to our company,” said Dr. Heinz Willebrand, CEO of LightPointe. “Dr. Kube’s discoveries led to many of the products used to interconnect high speed networks for businesses, schools, military, security applications, and 4G/LTE mobile telecom backhaul. Innovations in optical fiber and optical wireless networks enable the broadband connections and telecom services which make it possible to use bandwidth intensive devices such as laptops, the iPhone, and iPad, as well as IP video streaming services such as Netflix and video conferencing. All of us at LightPointe want to acknowledge Dr. Kube’s contributions and thank him for his ongoing work with our company as he celebrates this milestone.”


To highlight Dr. Kube’s contribution to optical communications, LightPointe is offering a free 12 month extended warranty on all optical transmission products purchased in June.


“What better way to highlight the reliability of today’s Free Space Optics and Hybrid Optical-Radios than to put our money where our mouth is and provide an additional year of extended warranty valued at up to $3,200,” said John Taylor, vice president of sales for LightPointe. “That’s two years warranty for our optical products. This is our way of saying thanks to Dr. Kube, and at the same time providing the end-users he has impacted something special.”


Details are available from LightPointe or through authorized distributors and resellers. All customers are eligible for the promotion, including enterprise, government and education organizations (e.g., hospitals, schools, colleges, universities), which can deploy the FSO and Hybrid RF-Optical bridges without regulatory licensing or delays and with complete immunity to RF congestion and interference issues.


About LightPointe:

LightPointe manufactures Gigabit capacity Ethernet bridges including 60 GHz and 80 GHz e-band point-to-point radios, Free Space Optics and Hybrid RF-Optical bridges.